303 Boards has been holding down the Colorado skate scene since 1997! We are an independently owned and independently minded skate shop.

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New Transworld videos

New Transworld videos

Cinematographers project and Riddles in Mathematics available on one dvd in the store now.


Edit from our trip to NYC in October by Travis La 303 NYC (H.264) from 303 Boards on Vimeo.   Read the article in Lowcard issue #62 with Photos by Coburn Huff
Spencer Semien

Spencer Semien

Proper Nollie back 180 from Spencer Semien
"Shorties on Colfax" Beanies

“Shorties on Colfax” Beanies

Back in stock just in time for the cold!!
Street Trash "Bart Sabbath"

Street Trash “Bart Sabbath”

Decks available HERE!!
15LTD "Colfax Speedway" 8.25

15LTD “Colfax Speedway” 8.25

BUY ME!!!!
"High friends in low places"

“High friends in low places”

“High friends in low places” Vans • 303CLFX Jackets
15Ltd. "Colfax Speedway"

15Ltd. “Colfax Speedway”

15 Ltd. “Colfax Speedway” collection Ebbets Hats and PS Stix Decks available now. Photos by Coburn Huff
303CLFX "Pablo" Hoody and Crew

303CLFX “Pablo” Hoody and Crew

Photo set by Coburn Huff
Loud X 303Boards

Loud X 303Boards

303CLFX x LOUD collab headphones are now available and made from Windsor James and David Reyes 0ld used decks! Scroll down for pictures of the process!!
COLFAX Embroidered Jackets

COLFAX Embroidered Jackets

We are fully restocked our “arch” embroidered coaches and hooded jackets.
Custom Leather Flasks By Quiet Leatherworks

Custom Leather Flasks By Quiet Leatherworks

Redeem those gift cards this year with our 303CLFX x QUIET custom leather flasks.