303 Boards has been holding down the Colorado skate scene since 1997! We are an independently owned and independently minded skate shop.

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Edit from our trip to NYC in October by Travis La 303 NYC (H.264) from 303 Boards on Vimeo.   Read the article in Lowcard issue #62 with Photos by Coburn Huff
John Herrera from Converse "All City Showdown"

John Herrera from Converse “All City Showdown”

This back 50 on Colfax Drop is GNARLY!! Footage coming soon… Photo By Coburn Huff
Escapist KC "Half Measures"

Escapist KC “Half Measures”

Showing all day in the shop Saturday Dec. 3rd, the brand spankin’ new film from Ryan Lovell for Escapist KC. Stick around for the bonus material… It’s EPIC!


3 Skaters, 1 Filmer, 8 hours to film. All participants must be at shop NO LATER THAN 9am Sunday September 25th for registration. Bring a fresh SD card or tape (NO OLD FOOTAGE) to use for the contest. Your footage will be returned to you after the edit goes live on Thrasher. GOOD LUCK!!! ALL City Showdown Website...
Happy Hour Trip with 303CLFX

Happy Hour Trip with 303CLFX

Fun times with the Happy hour dudes to celebrate our Colab Deck/Shades! Happy Hour Trip with 303 Board Shop from Happy Hour Shades on Vimeo.   If you don’t already have some, BUY NOW!!!
Franky Villani "No Cash Value"

Franky Villani “No Cash Value”

Franky Villani “No Cash Value” part premiere tonight at the shop at 8pm.
Spencer Semien's "Get Shackled" Part on Thrasher

Spencer Semien’s “Get Shackled” Part on Thrasher

Click the Pic to watch Spencer’s part from the latest Ramshackle video “Get Shackled”
Remember this?!?!

Remember this?!?!

“…Back in the days when I was a teenager…”  Angel and Trevor from “What are You Doing” c.2005
◈ heaven’s gate ◈

◈ heaven’s gate ◈

a video by Tony Choy-Sutton featuring: Sean & Nial Frederickson, Aaron Brown, Drew Etzkorn, Kevin Scutchfield, Jesse Ward, Clay Kessack, Bill Rebholz, Duncan Rowland, Dustin Eggeling, Kevin Sanders, Bobby Brazen, John Franco, Kevin Graver, Pat Galloway, Jake Keenan, and Brad Hendrickson. ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ NYC 2016 † ◈ heaven’s gate ◈ from Tony Choy-Sutton...
"Dawn of the Shred" by T La

“Dawn of the Shred” by T La

Little edit by Travis of some good times at Ol’ D Park
Spencer Semien Part

Spencer Semien Part

New clips from the ever-prolific Spencer Semien
Nial Fredrickson from "Let The Good Times Roll"

Nial Fredrickson from “Let The Good Times Roll”

Nial Fredrickson from “Let The Good Times Roll”…. That ender!! Yikes!!